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Top 5 NFL Films Songs

Championship Sunday is almost upon us, so I thought what better way to get into a football mood than share some of my favorite songs from the countless NFL films. There is nothing that gets me more zoned in than listening to the wonderful sounds that Sam Spence has blessed us with. These songs are as much of a part of football as the game itself and give me chills every time I hear them. First off, there's probably around 20 of these songs that get me fired up and deserve to be on this list, but I won't list that many songs. That would reckless on my part as a writer. Ok, let's get into it. 5.  The Lineman 4. A Golden Boy Again 3. Round Up 2. Classic Battle 1. Pony Soldiers Alright, now I'm ready to run through a brick wall. Which ones did I miss? Hit up the comments section to embrace debate a little bit. See y'all tomorrow for the Championship Sunday preview. Captain Locy

Locy's Locker Room: NFL Divisional Round Preview

This is by far my favorite time of the NFL calendar. For me, the beginning of the season and the 3 straight playoff weekends really get me going. Don't get me wrong, every NFL Sunday is a gift from God himself, but weekends like these get me excited. Now, allow me to preview these 4 fantastic games on Saturday and Sunday. Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs -5.5 - Saturday 4:35 on NBC Arrowhead will be loud for this matchup come Saturday evening. The top seed in the AFC will be looking to take care of business against a RED HOT Colts teams that is playing its best football at the right time of the season. The big question for the Colts in this one will be if they can stop Patrick Mahomes and the stellar Chief offense. Give that Colts defense some credit, they are playing some great ball right now, but this will be their toughest test all year long. The only way the Colts can claim victory is if  Luck and the offense get out fast like they did against Houston, and lean

CFB Final Prop Bet Guide

LVLE is hot, 4-0 on Wild Card Weekend... What more could you want? Tonight we got no. 2 Clemson vs no. 1 Alabama. Like any other big game, there are prop bets. Props are a personal favorite of mine, since they are so much fun. First up is the Coin Toss, always a good one Bama -115 Next we got the first team to score Clemson +120 This is going to be a close game, I like Clemson with a field goal for first score First score of the game will be... Anything other than TD +210  First team to score will win game No +150  Race to 10 points Bama -165  First Timeout Clemson -115 Safety No -1400  Prop bets are supposed to be fun, don't be stupid and bet the house on them. They make you more invested in the game and give you a little extra skin in the game.