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The NCAA Section Committee is the Worst

I don't think anyone has ever said this before, but I think it has to be said; the selection committee fucking blows. Year after year they come out with their 68 team brackets, seeding every team 1-16. Now, you would think these guys would know a good amount about the game of college basketball, right? I mean, they are on the committee for a reason. Guess what? THESE GUYS DON'T KNOW SHIT. Every fucking year, you get these stupid ass upsets that just don't make sense. As I'm writing this, Wofford is tied with Kentucky in the round of 32. We had UC Irvine beat K-State yesterday, a 13 see beating a 4 seed. Like, come on guys! You guys are the worst at seeding these teams. If you were any good at your job, there would be no upsets in the tournament, and my bracket could be perfect every year, but that is just too much to ask for. Why even rank the teams at all? Just do what they do at Wimbledon and draw names out a hat, seriously. I'm getting sick and tired of bein

October Over March Every Day

I hate to poo poo on everyone’s parade as March Madness is about to begin, but the title says it all; October is a better sports month than March. You all might be wondering if I’m high right now, or just straight up retarded, but I assure you the logic is sound. October has IT ALL. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and CFB all happening at the same time. What more do you want? For starters, football is on almost every night of the week, NFL 3 nights, while college football is on around 3 nights a week, even if it is #MACtion. Just the pure notion of an October Saturday tailgating and watching your favorite CFB team gets me so excited. The MLB playoffs are going on all month, with some of the most exciting and intense games that the 4 major sports in North America have to offer. It always seems like I’m up until 2 AM watching marathon games, but they are so fun. The NBA and NHL seasons start in the month of October, where everyone’s favorite teams have a clean slate and a bunch of hope to

UFC 235 Preview! Greatest Card in UFC History?

Here we go! Not much better in the world of sports than a good UFC card, and this is quite possibly the best one in UFC history. According to, their "best event ever" is UFC 202, headlined by McGregor vs Diaz 2. While that event was crazy, look for tonight to top it. UFC 235 has everything needed for a legendary night. From the  long-awaited debut of Ben Askren to Jon Bones Jones defending the title for the first time since his return. I've picked the best fights from tonight to give the LVLE faithful the bets that'll make tonight even more memorable. *All pictures provided by   Fight #1 : Jeremey Stephens (+220) vs Zabit Magomedsharipov (-280)        Obviously the odds are not in Stephens favor right here. I think he has a better chance than some are giving him because of his striking ability. Stephens is a good boxer with some power and speed, but he is and forever will be known for the "Who the fook is that

Call to Action: The Big 10 Needs to Release Song Info for Commercial

I'm sure everyone reading this follows the Big 10 with some degree of regularity. It would be no surprise then if one has seen the commercial linked below. The first time listening to the commercial I heard the song not thinking much of it. Second time listening I realized the song was absolute fire. Third time listening I held my phone up to the screen hoping the lyrics would be picked up. That was during the football season... I have been determined to figure out what the song is called and who sings it for months now. The Big 10 not giving me the information I need is just another piece of evidence to prove that they are frauds. From here-on-out I am putting a curse on The Big 10 until they pony up and tell me the song. This is terrible news for Michigan because it just adds pressure to the failing Jim Harbaugh. The only way that man is getting into Lucas Oil Stadium is if he pays a ticket to see the Colts. Michigan State hasn't smelled