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NBA Christmas Games

Merry Christmas to everyone out there reading this blog! I'm here to give you all the picks that'll earn your gift spending money right back (All times labeled below are EST) Game 1 at 12 PM: Milwaukee Bucks (-10, -550) @ New York Knicks (+10, +375) O/U 227.0 I understand that New York is a huge market and MSG is beautiful, but the fact that the Knicks play on Christmas is a slap in the face of every NBA lover. Milwaukee has a top 10 defense and the Knicks have a bottom 5 offense, so look for a low scoring game to start the day.       Official pick: Under 227 Game 2 at 3PM: Oklahoma City Thunder (+1.5, Even) @ Houston Rockets (-1.5, -120) O/U 220 With the combination of no CP3 for the Rockets plus the way Paul George has been playing for the Thunder, I like OKC here to pull off the road upset.       Official pick: OKC ml Game 3 at 5.30PM: Philadelphia 76ers (+4, +155) @ Boston Celtics (-4, -175) O/U 223 This should be one of the more entertaining games today. Phil

The Game of Games

Over the weekend I was fortunate to come across the game of games, and were not taking darts nor Edward 40 hands. We're talking about mouse trap roulette. This post's purpose is to give this game the recognition it deserves, and make it mainstream. In the video above, the two gentlemen wearing the "beard lives matter" shirts have created the most electric game of all time.  All you need to play the game is 7 mouse traps, some sort of spinning platform (such as a lazy Susan) and a cardboard box.  There are 7 rounds in the game, the first round one trap is hot and 6 are cold, second round 2 are hot and so on... The winner is whoever gets their fingers destroyed less times.  I love this game and want more mouse trap roulette. 

UFC 231 Preview

It's hard to not be entertained by one of the most violent sports American television has to offer. UFC 231 is tomorrow night, and even though I fucking hate pay-per-view, as soon as the punches are flying all cares go out the window. Let's start with the welterweight bout. Alex Oliveira vs Gunnar Nelson. Nelson is -140 in the bout.  I'm with Vegas on this one, I like Nelson over Oliveira. The fact that Oliveira's nickname is "cowboy" is enough to not have to worry about this under dog. The featherweight bout is Hakeem Dawodu vs Kyle Bockniak. I read a report that Bockniak may try to grapple, and lord knows that you never bet against a grappler. In this one I like the underdog, take Dawodu +150. Next up we got the light heavyweight bout. Jimi Manuwa vs Thiago Santos. Manuwa is getting +180 compared to Santos' -220. I LOVE Manuwa here. I think this may be the lock of the night. Hammer Manuwa +180. To be completely honest,

What to Expect from the XFL and AAF

Today, the new XFL announced the eight cities that will have an inaugural team when the they launch in 2020. They chose LA, NYC, Dallas, Houston, Washington D.C., St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Seattle for their new team locations. This got me thinking, could pro football leagues like the XFL or the Alliance of American Football, which is set to start up this February, ever compete with the NFL? The last league to broker a deal to merge with the NFL, and the only league, was the AFL in 1970. Along with Joe Namath and the Jets beating the Colts in Super Bowl III, this merger created the greatest pro sports league in North American history. Other leagues have tried to compete with the giant that is the NFL, most notably the USFL, the original XFL, arena football, and even the CFL when they expanded to a few cities in the U.S. But, they all have failed. So to answer the question at hand, no, the XFL and AAF will not compete with the NFL as to which league is the better football league. Wh

Beat McAfee This Thursday (Dec. 6)

MyBookie isn’t gonna like this… MyBookie has been doing challenges with Pat McAfee for quite some time now. From corn hole to basketball, interesting wagers have been available. Tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 6th there’s another opportunity to make some bread. Pat is going to be attempting to build an IKEA 3 drawer chest. Listening to McAfee on his podcast, seeing him on twitter, and watching him in his short time at Barstool can point you to a few locks on his journey of building this chest.   There is a grocery list of available wagers, but here are the ones that you are gonna want.   Will Pat successfully build the chest?  Yes: -150  No: +120 Pat Will absolutely build this chest, it may not be perfect, but you have to be an absolute moron to not be able to assemble some furniture. Yes -150 How many times will Pat say “Fuck” 0: +1000 1-10: +200 11-20: +300 21-30: +300 31-40: +400  41+: +500 Im liking the 11-20 range here.  I think he wil

A Call for Action: Legalize Lawn Jarts

Just look at that picture. "Missile Game." It just warms me up thinking about playing our national pastime in the summer heat when it is cold as fuck outside right now. I'm aware some our younger readers might know what the hell I'm talking about, but I assure you that you will fall in love with this game by the end this blog. First things first, what is Jarts? So, essentially it's a game like cornhole or horseshoes. You toss the jarts across the court (your lawn or any surface where the jarts will sick in the ground) and try in to put them in little plastic rings that you put down. Very simple and easy but so satisfying when you get a ringer. A jart is pretty much a giant dart with metal tips. I guess you could see why the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission banned the production of this remarkable game in 1988 when the jart-related injuries started to pile up, but come on, they all involved kids with parents that obviously didn't care about their