Beat McAfee This Thursday (Dec. 6)

MyBookie isn’t gonna like this…

MyBookie has been doing challenges with Pat McAfee for quite some time now. From corn hole to basketball, interesting wagers have been available. Tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 6th there’s another opportunity to make some bread. Pat is going to be attempting to build an IKEA 3 drawer chest. Listening to McAfee on his podcast, seeing him on twitter, and watching him in his short time at Barstool can point you to a few locks on his journey of building this chest.  

There is a grocery list of available wagers, but here are the ones that you are gonna want.  

Will Pat successfully build the chest? 
Yes: -150 
No: +120
Pat Will absolutely build this chest, it may not be perfect, but you have to be an absolute moron to not be able to assemble some furniture. Yes -150

How many times will Pat say “Fuck”
0: +1000
1-10: +200
11-20: +300
21-30: +300
31-40: +400 
41+: +500
Im liking the 11-20 range here.  I think he will keep his cool in the beginning but as it gets to the end and there are those left over pieces laying around, were gonna hear a loti of “fucks”. 11-20 +300

Will Pat give up before he finishes? 
Yes: +200
No: -300
PURELY based on the monster hit McAfee put on Trindon Holliday, the biggest lock ever is that he will not give up.  Hammer no -300. 

Will Pat put on any piece backwards? 
Yes: -200
No: +150 
Im taking no here.  Most of the pieces have stickers guiding you and Pat seems to have some intelligence.  

Will Pat break any piece? 
Yes: +120
No: -160 
You know he’s going to roll up in the classic sleeveless hoodie, people with NFL bodies are simply too big to not break IKEA furniture. I like Yes +120 

Honestly watching McAfee try and build this with nothing at risk would be fun, but once you got a little skin in the game, this is gonna be an electric ride. 

Happy Betting, 


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