Locy's Locker Room: NFL Divisional Round Preview

This is by far my favorite time of the NFL calendar. For me, the beginning of the season and the 3 straight playoff weekends really get me going. Don't get me wrong, every NFL Sunday is a gift from God himself, but weekends like these get me excited. Now, allow me to preview these 4 fantastic games on Saturday and Sunday.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs -5.5 - Saturday 4:35 on NBC

Arrowhead will be loud for this matchup come Saturday evening. The top seed in the AFC will be looking to take care of business against a RED HOT Colts teams that is playing its best football at the right time of the season. The big question for the Colts in this one will be if they can stop Patrick Mahomes and the stellar Chief offense. Give that Colts defense some credit, they are playing some great ball right now, but this will be their toughest test all year long. The only way the Colts can claim victory is if  Luck and the offense get out fast like they did against Houston, and lean on their defense to slow down Mahomes, Hill, Kelce etc. enough to where they can win a close game. If the Colts don't do what I just said, they will get blown out of the water. For the Chiefs, they have to play like they have been here before. Andrew Luck has been in this position, Mahomes hasn't. I have felt that Mahomes' last few games have been a little lack luster. He is becoming more and more cocky as time goes on and the records keep piling up. I think that if the Chiefs can limit silly mistakes, they should win this game handily. With that being said, the Colts defiantly have a decent chance to win his one, it's just not likely.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams -7 - Saturday 8:15 on FOX

I am 110% sure that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman needed new underwear when they found out they get to call Cowboys/Rams. This game is a matchup made in heaven for TV executives everywhere. I, on the other hand, actively root against both teams and their respective cities. It will be a shame too that the Coliseum will be made up of mostly Cowboy fans, terrible that the Rams have such a good team but the people in LA don't give two shits. In my mind, the Cowboys have to slow the game down and rely on Ezekiel Elliot if they want a chance to win. If the Rams get out and start running and gunning like they have all year, it could be a long night for the Dallas faithful. I hate to say it, but I don't believe that the Cowboys have much of a chance in this one. There were many instances in their wild card game with Seattle were the Seahawks could have scored a lot more points instead of settling for field goals all night. That won't be the case with Sean McVay's Ram offense. I foresee a terrible night for Skip Bayless and Cowboys fans across America.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. New England Patriots -4 - Sunday 1:05 on CBS

I'm excited for this game. Rivers vs. Brady! I think we all have been waiting a while for this playoff matchup again. Surprisingly enough, I haven't watched much of the Pats this year. Per usual, they won the AFC East with not too many problems and got yet another year with a first round bye. In my estimation, I think this will be New England's toughest test of the playoffs, no matter who they play next round. The Chargers are one tough team this year, and will show it this Sunday. Like all great teams, the Chargers rely on their sought defense to get them through games. Lamar Jackson was a mess last Sunday, and that had to do with how the defense played him. The problem for the Chargers though, they aren't playing Lamar Jackson, they are playing fucking Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. This guy is the king of the postseason and has played in these games countless times. I love the Chargers this season, but I can't tell you that they will win when they are up against Brady and Belickick. I do believe that this will be the most competitive game of the weekend though, but the Pats will put it out.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints -8 - Sunday 4:40 on FOX

Does Big Dick Nick Foles have one last magic trick up his ass, or will the Superdome swallow him whole? I have been a bandwagon Eagles fan every since they ran out to Meek Mill in Super Bowl LII so I'm a huge fan. All kidding aside, all logic in this universe is telling me that the Eagles have zero shot at winning this game. But, I think we all have this sneaky feeling that something special is happening with the Eagles again this year. I want to buy into the Eagles so badly, but I can't. For them to even have a shot at covering, they will have to play perfect in all 3 facets of the game, and that's just to cover the 8 points they are getting. I don't think that will happen because Drew Brees has been playing lights out this entire year, and the Saints defense preforms so much better when they are at home. I will be rooting for Philly big time, but Sean Payton will run them out of the building. I hope the song below will fire up and inspire Eagles fans across the nation, I know it gets me going every time.

Alright guys, now you know the ins and outs of each matchup. Sit back, and lock it in on your couch while you watch some of the best football games of the year play out. Have a hell of a weekend everyone!

-Captain Locy


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