Call to Action: The Big 10 Needs to Release Song Info for Commercial

I'm sure everyone reading this follows the Big 10 with some degree of regularity. It would be no surprise then if one has seen the commercial linked below.

The first time listening to the commercial I heard the song not thinking much of it.
Second time listening I realized the song was absolute fire.
Third time listening I held my phone up to the screen hoping the lyrics would be picked up.

That was during the football season...

I have been determined to figure out what the song is called and who sings it for months now. The Big 10 not giving me the information I need is just another piece of evidence to prove that they are frauds. From here-on-out I am putting a curse on The Big 10 until they pony up and tell me the song. This is terrible news for Michigan because it just adds pressure to the failing Jim Harbaugh. The only way that man is getting into Lucas Oil Stadium is if he pays a ticket to see the Colts. Michigan State hasn't smelled a tournament run since the Great Depression. The rest of the bums aren't worth the time to talk about. Bottom line is this: Big 10, tell me the song and band or you'll never win another major championship.



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