October Over March Every Day

I hate to poo poo on everyone’s parade as March Madness is about to begin, but the title says it all; October is a better sports month than March. You all might be wondering if I’m high right now, or just straight up retarded, but I assure you the logic is sound.

October has IT ALL. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and CFB all happening at the same time. What more do you want? For starters, football is on almost every night of the week, NFL 3 nights, while college football is on around 3 nights a week, even if it is #MACtion. Just the pure notion of an October Saturday tailgating and watching your favorite CFB team gets me so excited. The MLB playoffs are going on all month, with some of the most exciting and intense games that the 4 major sports in North America have to offer. It always seems like I’m up until 2 AM watching marathon games, but they are so fun. The NBA and NHL seasons start in the month of October, where everyone’s favorite teams have a clean slate and a bunch of hope to maybe make a run. On top of all that, the NASCAR playoffs run through October and into November. October has something for every sports fan.

What does March have to offer? Crazy college basketball games that I would inject into my veins if I could? Of course. But I think that’s about it. Sure MLB opening day happens in March, at least this year, but that’s just one day a year, and it’s just another game out of 162. For NBA and NHL, half the fans don’t give a shit because their team has no chance of making the playoffs. And of course, MARCH DOES NOT HAVE FOOTBALL, and the AAF does not count! For me, October is hands down a better sports month than March. 

-Captain Locy


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