The NCAA Section Committee is the Worst

I don't think anyone has ever said this before, but I think it has to be said; the selection committee fucking blows. Year after year they come out with their 68 team brackets, seeding every team 1-16. Now, you would think these guys would know a good amount about the game of college basketball, right? I mean, they are on the committee for a reason.

Guess what? THESE GUYS DON'T KNOW SHIT. Every fucking year, you get these stupid ass upsets that just don't make sense. As I'm writing this, Wofford is tied with Kentucky in the round of 32. We had UC Irvine beat K-State yesterday, a 13 see beating a 4 seed. Like, come on guys! You guys are the worst at seeding these teams. If you were any good at your job, there would be no upsets in the tournament, and my bracket could be perfect every year, but that is just too much to ask for. Why even rank the teams at all? Just do what they do at Wimbledon and draw names out a hat, seriously. I'm getting sick and tired of being screwed over year after year. Get your shit together NCAA, that's all I ask.

-Captain Locy


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