LVLE Update


Classic line from Leo. Ok, now that I have set the tone and grabbed your attention, let me update you guys on what is going on at the Las Vegas Lock Exchange world headquarters.

First off, I would like to apologize for the staggering lack of picks and content from the site. I know we haven't followed through on a lot of promises that have been made about where we want to take this site, nor have there been many picks on the twitter as of late. We have not been active because there isn't really anything that is interesting us in the sports/gambling world right now. I fell like we let down the minuscule following that we have.

Now, I assure all you out there on the internet that we aren't going anywhere. I guess you could say that we took a little brake. Let's be honest though, it's not like we are that good at picking NBA or shitty NHL games. That stuff is kind of hard, and I don't like to give out shitty picks when I know they are shitty. But, the college football season is only 63 days away, and anyone that reads this site knows that we are the biggest football guys in the business. Rest assured, this site will be BUZZING come kickoff in the fall. I absolutely cannot wait for our first full football season gets underway. Exciting stuff if you ask me.

Until then though, I will try to be as active as possibly I can. I really wanted to write about golf this summer, but I found out it was hard to stay committed to that because there are only 3 days a week when they don't play. I will try my best to write a few golf blogs for the back half of the PGA season though, and defiantly one for the British Open. Hell, I'll maybe throw a few MLB picks in there for shits and giggles. The moral of this story is to just wait the summer out until football season starts. You guys won't regret it.

Captain Locy


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