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The worst feeing every year has to be Super Bowl Monday. Having to go to work or school after Super Bowl festivities is awful. This year is much worse than most others. The game was boring, gamblers made history, and TB12 got his 6th.

First off, fuck Trey Wingo. The Super Bowl was 1000% boring. There is no other way to describe that game. "It was a defensive battle," is a "sophisticated" way of stating that the game was boring. I feel bad for Tony Romo, he had it worse than anyone else. We've seen all season when a game is exciting, Romo is the guy you want. So, when these two dominant offenses are in the SB, it makes perfect sense to have Romo. Instead, he got what we all did, the last 4 hours of the season that we wait for and enjoy year after year, was robbed from us with a 16 point coma of a game. 

To add insult to injury, we had gamblers all over the place making history, the bad kind. I personally bet the over thinking that this game should be a back and forth shootout. Nope, we got 16 points of the exact opposite of entertainment. Anyone who had the over and was positive about their loss when you saw them on Monday morning, is a fraud. "I actually think it's cool to be part of the worst SB over loss of all time" is a quote that should get you thrown in jail. 
To top it all off we have Brady tying the Steelers franchise with his sixth ring. For anyone who bet the Rams on this game, that's on you. You have to be insane to think that Bill and Brady would've lost back to back. There isn't much worse than watching a guy who makes out with his son have so much success.

With that all being said, fuck the NFL and that nasty last impression they made. It's time to move on to the next big thing, the AAF! This Sunday we are blessed with two primetime games, the Orlando Apollos vs. the Atlanta Legends, and the San Antonio Commanders face off against the San Diego Fleet. Thank God we have something to mend the gap between the NFL and college starting back up. Stay tuned for the picks as the AAF gets rolling this Sunday. 



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