Joe Flacco and John Elway? Yikes!

Oh how the mighty have fallen. As you all probably heard today, the Ravens have traded Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos for a middle round draft pick. Ah yes, Denver. The Sunshine State. Gorgeous!
This marks the end of an era in Baltimore after 11 seasons with Flacco under center. Actually though, how do you go from Super Bowl MVP and signing a 6-year $120 million dollar contract to being a bum that got benched for Lamar Jackson, a guy that can't throw the ball for the life of him. It is beyond my imagination.

It actually is crazy how you can get so hot for a 4 week stretch and make millions of dollars and then return to being shit. Remember when they upset everyone in that 2012 postseason? That was so electric, but it all just a memory now. I will give him props though, it takes a certain level of skill to be able to flip the switch like that. Now this guy is in fucking Denver, where they don't have a coach, and John Elway is a dumbass.

Speaking of John Elway, this guy has zero clue what he is doing. Great player, but terrible executive. Do I have to go through the list of QBs that have started under this guy's watch? I think I have to.

-Tim Tebow
-Kyle Orton
-Peyton Manning
-Brock Osweiler
-Trevor Siemian
-Paxton Lynch
-Case Keenum

And now Joe Flacco.

I mean, just wow. Look at that list. With the exception of one, all those guys are bums. Well at least Tim Tebow and Brock Osweiler have a playoff win, unlike another QB that will not be mentioned. This day is truly a troubling day for Joe Flacco, and everyone in Rocky Mountain High Colorado. Good luck Denver.

-Captain Locy


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