Tickets are Bullshit These Days

Have you been to a big arena recently? Paper tickets have been being phased out for some time now. I’ll admit, logically and “environmentally” it makes sense.  Unfortunately some arenas are completely eliminating paper tickets. This sucks for a number of reasons. 

First, what are the scalpers gonna do. If you’ve gone, or have tried to go to a game, you’ve seen them.  In some places it’s legally frowned upon, since sometimes they are trying to get higher than face value. In other cases, a shitty game? Best time to get your ticket is right in front of the stadium for $5 since you know those guys are either gonna eat that ticket or take the $5. Paper tickets gives broke and cheap people the opportunity to enjoy the game too. 

Next, if you’ve used mobile tickets, have you ever tried to send them to a friend? Monster headache.  Some sites make you email them and they have to go through the whole process of accepting them. An app I use a lot called Gametime, let’s you get very cheap tickets right before a game because of the people who are either gonna take a couple bucks or eat them. They tried to make the process a little easier to send tickets, but the time it takes for them to receive them is about 20 minutes.  For an app called Gametime, that seems confusing. 

I love paper tickets. In 2015 I went to every MSU home football game.  Only reason I find it so cool I’d because I only bought 1 of those tickets, all the others were given to me. The point is I had them framed in order and it’s a great piece on the wall.  

Stop the madness.  Bring back paper tickets. 



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