Bad Beat Breakdown Vol. 1

Welcome to the first ever Bad Beat Breakdown. I will try to make this a weekly blog where I take a look at the worst beats throughout the week. Let's see all the possible ways you could have lost (or won) money in the worst possible way imaginable.

5. Purdue @ Penn State Under 139

End of game free throws are THE WORST. Why foul if you are down 10 points with only 20 seconds to go? Beats me, but the Nittany Lions thought it was a good idea Saturday afternoon. HEY FUCKOS, YOU CAN'T WIN! Because of that critical play, Carsen Edwards makes both of his free throws, making the score 76-64, with a total of 140. Devastating. Then Penn State gives up after they miss a 3 on the other end. Under 139 bettors, I would like to apologize on behalf of all of Happy Valley.

4. Cavaliers +7.5 @ Nets

This one sucked if you bet on the Cavs. They went into THREE OVERTIMES. All Cleveland had to do was not tie and easily cover the 7.5 in regulation, the 1st OT, or the 2nd OT. BUT NO! They had to go into the 3rd OT and NOT cover. Brutal! Nets ended up winning 148-139. This one stings for the Land, no doubt.

3. Houston -9.5 @ UConn

I thought long and hard about taking Houston as one our locks, but as the day went on 9.5 points was just too much for me. UConn, down 10, decides to go for the cover instead of just running the clock out. The best part of this video was the reaction of the crowd because of how fired up they were to lose at home. I guess they all must have had UConn and the points.

2. Wisconsin +7 @ Michigan

I mean just wow. What a way to lose a bet. Michigan, the team that was up with seconds to play had to fuck it up for all Wisco bettors. They had 0 reason to cover, Wisconsin was not gonna foul. they easily couldve just ran the ball out. But the bad part if this one was that it wasn't just a layup to cover, it had to be an alley oop dunk. That is a tough one to swallow for the Badger backers.

1. Duke @ Louisville +300

If you took Louisville ML, I'm am so deeply sorry. This game has to be #1 solely because the Cardinals were up 23 points with 9 minutes to play. As you all know by now, Duke came back to shock the Yum! Center, 71-69. I can't imagine many people had Louisville ML before tip-off, but if you did, I feel for you.

-Captain Locy


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