Can Anyone Beat Duke?

The Blue Devils were down 59-36 with only 9:13 Tuesday night against Louisville. That's 23 fucking points. ESPN gave Louisville a 99.9% chance to win this game at one point. But what happened? Duke decided to go OFF and make perhaps one of the greatest comebacks in college basketball history by winning the game 71-69, stunning the Cardinals. At one point during this game, Duke was +1400 on the money line. If you bet that, congrats my friend, it should have made for a nice night. This epic comeback and yet another win by Coach K begs the question though, will anyone be able to beat Duke for the National Championship?

Duke has been dominant all season long boasting a 22-2 record, only losing to Gonzaga and Syracuse. Right now, they are 9/5 to win the tournament, making them the heavy favorites, and honestly, I don't see how you could bet against them. These guys destroy the competition, and when they don't they always seem to come away with a win. They are lead by Zion Williamson and a bunch of other NBA ready talent that almost makes it unfair for the rest of he country. Looking at all the possible teams that have a shot this year, I don't see a Tennessee or a Gonzaga taking down the Blue Devils in the Final Four, Coach K just has too much talent and group a guys where winning is all they know. If Duke doesn't go the distance and claim victory in Minneapolis, I would call this season a failure.

-Captain Locy


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