Conference Championship Weekend Preview

What's up y'all. Hope ya had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I also hope you didn't take our picks, because you would be in trouble with your bookie then, but that is in the past now. I have overcome that slump. Now, let's see what is happening in the 10 conference championship games happening Friday and Saturday.

MAC Championship - Northern Illinois vs. Buffalo - Friday 7:00 PM

In my opinion one of the most entertaining championship games to watch outside of the power five. Just two old ole midwest teams battling it out inside, as Bob Wojnowski would call it, "Ford's Field." Buffalo has been the favorite to win the MAC all year long while dominating almost every team they have played (shout-out to the boys down in Athens for whooping the Bulls 52-17). NIU has won the games they were supposed to this year, and that has gotten them to a MAC West championship, but can they knock off the Bulls? I don't think so. BUFFALO -3 is my pick here.

PAC-12 Championship - 17 Utah vs. 11 Washington - Friday 8:00 PM

I bet all the people at the PAC-12 headquarters are sure happy they have had their championship game on Friday, I don't think many people would have tunde in on Saturday. This is mainly due to there not being a playoff on the line. It is a shame that 2 (or maybe 3) power five champions will not get a shot to win it all this year, but it's the way she goes. Should be a fun game to watch non the less as we get to some high-powered offenses go fight it out in the bay area. Give me WASHINGTON -4.5, Huskies win big tonight.

Big 12 Championship - 14 Texas vs. 5 Oklahoma - Saturday 12:00 PM

Red River Showdown Part 2? High noon? Jerry World? A billion points might be scored? What more could you ask for in what should the 2nd best game of the weekend. Oklahoma has been undefeated since they lost to Texas back in October. But have they really blown out anyone in the past few weeks? Not to my standards. I foresee an absolute shootout in Arlington, but I like the Longhorns to show up for this big game and cover, if not win. Ok cool, hook 'em. TEXAS +8.

Sun Belt Championship - Louisiana Lafayette vs. Appalachian State - Saturday 12:00 PM

Oh baby, the "Fun" Belt. This game is by no one's standards a big game, but it is still a championship game. The Ragin' Cajuns are 7-5 this year and haven't been able to get anything going. App. State on the other hand was RANKED at one point this year, so that's something I guess. The Mountaineers have a very impressive 9-2 record with an OT loss to Penn. State in the beginning of the year. The spread is very large, App State -17, but I still think they cover that at home. APP STATE -17.

C-USA Championship - UAB vs. Middle Tennessee - Saturday 1:30 PM

UAB is back ladies and gentlemen! They ended their football program after the 2014 season, but now the Blazers have resurrected the team and find themselves playing for the championship. The fine folks from the yellowhammer state sure do love their football and are very happy to see that UAB is competing again. With that being said though, they don't match up well with Middle Tennessee. Plus, UAB will be on the road. As much as I would love to watch UAB win tomorrow, I just can't bring myself to pick them. MIDDLE TENNESSEE -1.

AAC Championship - Memphis vs. 8 UCF - Saturday 3:30 PM

Will the defending National Champions be on there A game as they are tested by Memphis, looking to go back-to-back as champions of all the land? I think their quest for glory will continue. The real question is though, is there some crazy scenario that could have the Knights playing in a national semi-final (not that they need to make it in the top 4 win in order to win the ship)? I don't think so. Everyone one on Alabama could get typhoid fever and the committee would still put them in over UCF. Sorry Kights, maybe you should schedule some real opponents in you want to compete for the #1 overall spot. UCF -3.

 SEC Championship - 4 Georgia vs. 1 Alabama - Saturday 4:00 PM

This game is always the marque matchup of championship Saturday. Either way this game goes down, Alabama will be in the CFP 100%, but can Georgia sneak in there with a win in Atlanta? The Bulldogs have been red hot since Coach O gave them the work. Georgia has beaten 3 top 25 opponents in convincing fashion since their loss. On the flip side, Alabama has been dominate all year long making every victory look easy. Some say that Alabama hasn't had a test like Georgia all year. Alabama will continue their undefeated season, but they will not cover the 12.5 points against a very talented Georgia team that will keep this one close. GEORGIA +12.5.

Mountain West Championship - 25 Fresno State vs. 22 Boise State - Saturday 7:45 PM

I cannot complain about a top 25 matchup out west. These two teams met back a couple of weeks ago, and it was good one. Back on the blue turf for a second go around, Fresno will look to avenge their only conference loss tomorrow night. The Bulldogs have gotten back on track since then and are now in position to capture the title. Boise State has a lot of talents, but I believe it is very hard to beat team twice in one season when both squads are evenly matched. In addition Boise screwed me over last week when they decided to score a useless touchdown with almost no time left to ruin the spread and my Utah State pick. FRESNO STATE +1 please.

ACC Championship - Pittsburgh vs. 2 Clemson - Saturday 8:00 PM

Is it possible for Clemson to lose this game. Not a shot in hell. The Tigers are undefeated this year and smell blood in the water. While everyone in the media has been talking about Alabama running away with the ship, they have forgotten about Dabo Swinney and his fierce defense that has destroyed all opposing offenses. Look for tomorrow night to be no different. Watching former Spartan Dawg Pat Narduzzi lift that trophy up would make me want to run through a brick wall, but the Tigers are on a mission. CLEMSON -27.5.

Big Ten Championship - 21 Northwestern vs. 6 Ohio State - Saturday 8:00 PM

It pains me to write this. It really does. But, I must do my job and respect the biz. Ohio State has the better the athletes. Plain and simple. We all watched what they did last week, and we all know what they are capable of doing to teams. Their one problem though, is if they can show up and play a complete game. If they can do that like they did last week, I think they will have a very good case for a top 4 spot, granted that Alabama wins. The thing is though, I believe that Pat Fitzgerald's Wildcats will show up and play their asses off tomorrow night. I think that Northwestern will keep OSU close with their good defense for a majority of the night. But, OSU will get it going late and will cover the spread. OHIO STATE -14.5. Buy that hook if you can.

Alright, those were the 10 championship games tonight and tomorrow. Ready for the kicker? There are make up games tomorrow as well! Due to the hurricane that hit the Carolinas a couple of months ago, there are 5 make up games. Aren't natural disasters so wonderful? What a time to be alive. Take my picks and run with them, you want to miss out on the fun. Happy Championship Weekend everyone and as always, #RideWithLVLE.

-Captain Locy


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