The College Football NPI: Week 12

To all of our distinguished readers out there, I'd like to introduce a new college football ranking index that blows the AP poll out of the water, the NPI. The Nuke Power Index, that is. Every week I'll be taking an advanced look at college football's top 10, and of course, betting suggestions for the upcoming week.

My Top 10 After Week 11

1. Alabama

No shock here. I could go in depth about the Tide's utter dominance, but let's not waste everyone's time. We knew Bama was a great team all year, but in the past two weeks they've proved it, shutting out solid LSU and Mississippi State teams with ease. Bama will have no problem rolling this weekend again when they play the Citadel.

2. Clemson

The Tigers faced one of their biggest tests this weekend when they stormed into Chestnut Hill to battle AJ Dillon and Boston College. I like Clemson a lot, with their staggering D-line and athletic offense, but the schedule is a concern. The weak ACC has allowed Clemson to face an absurdly easy schedule for a power 5 team. Obviously, if they run the table, they're in, but a loss could greatly jeopardize a playoff bid. For now, they show no signs of slowing down. The only way I see them losing to Duke this weekend is if Zion and RJ Barrett take the field for Cutcliffe's squad.

3. Notre Dame

Don't get me wrong, I hate Notre Dame as much as any regular person would, but the Irish have been very impressive. Brian Kelly's squad is the definition of a well rounded team, with a lot of unsung heroes stepping up on both sides of the ball. Being completely unbiased, I think Notre Dame will either lose this week to Cuse, or to USC next week. Both are tough games away from South Bend, and the Irish are probably the team I'm least confident about in the current top 4. For now, they're safe. 

4. Michigan

Alright folks, here's where things get interesting. While Georgia has a solid case to be ranked 4th, there's no debate that Michigan deserves the spot this week. Don Brown is an absolute defensive genius, and he has the Wolverine defense stingy and tough at all times. We all know this was going to happen, but the big surprise is the offense. Shea Magic and DPJ are starting to click, the O line is starting to gel, and Higdon is as steady as ever. I would have never seen this coming from the Michigan offense this year, but here we are. The Wolverines probably have the best loss in the country as well, losing to undefeated Notre Dame during week 1, on the road, under the lights. As we all know, this season for Harbaugh's squad is going to depend on if they can beat Ohio State. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, Michigan should cruise against Indiana.

5. Georgia

The Bulldogs aren't far behind Michigan. Georgia has had a series of impressive wins this season with a tough schedule. Frankly, the main reason that they're behind Michigan is because their loss is more recent. Georgia is done with conference play already, and should have an easy time against UMass this week (damn SEC schedules). The real defining point of the season will be when they face Bama in the SEC Championship. But we'll be talking about that a lottt more.

6. West Virginia

Yep, you read that right. WVU comes in at 6 this week, over Oklahoma. Don't get me wrong, both are  perfectly good teams, but WVU has shown more in my opinion. They definitely don't get as much hype as the Sooners do, but they should. Their defense (by Big 12 Standards) isn't bad, and they have a balanced and disciplined offense with Grier at the helm. Take me home, country roads.

7. Oklahoma

Just behind the Mountaineers are the Oklahoma Sooners. Possibly the most perpetually overrated team in the country, the Sooners are having a typical year with an amazing offense and a defense that Brady Hoke himself could carve up on the ground. Whatever, Kyler Murray is good I guess.

8. Washington State

Don't you dare sleep on Wazzu. Gardner Minshew, Mike Leach and company are steamrolling through the Pac 12. While the playoff is probably out of the picture, there's no reason to rank the Cougars lower than 8 after the way they've been playing the past couple weeks.

9. LSU

Hold dat Tigah. LSU has been an impressive team this year, but their brutal schedule has cost them. Don't let the two losses fool you, LSU is one of the most talented teams in the country. It's a shame that the best they're looking at is a New Year's Six bowl.

10. OSU

Are things starting to fall apart for Urban and the Buckeyes. In the past few weeks, it seems like it. After getting steamrolled by Purdue, the cheaters barely took down Nebraska and MSU. Ohio State has a great QB in Haskins, but they can't seem to run the ball or defend the pass. Right now, momentum isn't going their way leading up to the Michigan game.

You Know What Grinds My Gears?
When people say that Alabama is "unbeatable" or that the season is "ruined". Are they the best team in the country? Yes. Will they win it all? It's very possible. If you've never watched a year of college football before, you have all the reason to believe that Bama can't be stopped. But if you're like me, a college football genius and expert, you know that anything can happen. I could go into examples, but if you need me to find examples of teams getting upset in sports then you probably have never watched a game before.

Heisman Watch: Week 12

1. Tua
2. Will Grier
3. Kyler Murray
4. Gardner Minshew
5. Dwayne Haskins

Honorable Mention: Ed Oliver

How to Win Some Money This Weekend

Lock of the week: Michigan State -1.5 @ Nebraska. While the Huskers have been playing well lately, Sparty's stingy defense will allow MSU to win easily.

Also Suggested: Syracuse +9.5 vs Notre Dame. Like I said earlier, watch out for a Cuse upset. I think it'll be a tight one either way.

Maction pick of the week: Buffalo -1 @ Ohio. The 9-1 bulls will have no trouble with Ohio.

That's all for me this week folks. Have a great week and happy betting.

- Nuke


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