Daily Lock Recap: November 14, 2018

Can I even call this the "lock" recap? Holy shit, we cannot get any momentum going our way what so ever. I mean 2-4 is absolute garbage. Let's try to get through this without losing our cool, okay guys?

Last Night's Picks:

Let's lead off with the lone winner of the night, Nuke's Michigan +7 pick. It sure looked like the Michigan men's basketball team was on a little "revenge tour" of their own last night. The Wolverines went into the Pavilion and gave the defending champs, Villanova, a thorough beatdown, 73-46. John Beilein's team did not need any of the 7 points they were getting, as Nuke gets his first win and moves to 1-2.

Next, Karch decided to take the OVER 144 in the UL-Monroe @ Michigan State game. The Spartans did not do him any favors in the first half, as Monroe was only down 35-29 at the break. The Spartans were firing on all cylinders in the 2nd, but ultimately it was too little, too late. MSU gets the win, 80-59, but couldn't quite get to the magic number of 144 Karch was looking for. He drops to 1-2.

Now, for my pick. I liked the OVER 209.5 in the Bulls vs. Celtics game. It seemed reasonably low, all each team had to do was score 105 points and I'd be at at 2-1. But no. The Bulls couldn't get over 90 points, and I ultimately suffered a loss last night. Celtics won 111-82. This has taught me that I am shit at betting the NBA and will try to do my best to avoid this league at all costs. I don't even like watching the NBA. I can only push forward. I am now 1-2.

I had this whole long paragraph ready to go if the unthinkable happened, but LeBron bailed out Thew as he avoided an 0-3 night. His Marquette +5.5, and Pelicans -1 picks were not the best in the world and it showed last night. But, the blame tonight ultimately falls on me. I was the imbecile that gave the okay and tweeted the so called "Prophet Thew Special." I was considering handing down a 1-night pick suspension, but after some self reflection, I didn't have to tweet all those picks, especially because I was one that came up with the one lock per night rule. For the record though, Thew did say "give the people all three for me," but I should have used better judgement. Let's just say that was the first and last time something like that will ever happen again. I'll just chalk this one up to a loss for the night. Thew falls to .500 at 1-1-1.

There's not much more I can say on tonight's picks. We have to be more consistent. But if you're thinking about getting off the ride that is LVLE, I'm gonna have to stop you right there. There is a lot of action tonight and I can smell success in the air. You won't want to miss out.

-Captain Locy


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