Embrace Debate: AB v. Megatron

During the Steelers game last night, someone I was watching with had an interesting question. If Antonio Brown and Calvin Johnson were the same age and played the same number of years for the Steelers, who would be better? Megatron had a good career but it was in a sense wasted on terrible lions teams. AB has been a crucial part to the Steelers offense. 

Of course, this is all hypothetical so a definite answer isn't possible, but I’m sure you could find people on both sides. In the speed section, AB runs a 4.47 second 40. Megatron clocks in at 4.35 seconds. The idea that Megatron is .12 seconds faster than AB doesn't seem like much, until you consider their sizes. AB is 5’10” and Megatron is 6’5”.  

We are in AB's 9th season and he has 790 receptions up to this point. In Johnson's 9 seasons he had 731 receptions. Although AB has more, I think Johnson has the advantage here too.  AB gets put in double coverage, a lot.  However, Johnson was almost always double covered and sometimes triple coverage. 

At this point I think this particular hypothetical can have a definite answer. Its clear, all the evidence supports the fact Calvin Johnson would be a much better in Pittsburgh than AB is. Also makes you feel bad because Detroit wasted that guys talent, with their extremely average QB, and their inability to succeed. 


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