Daily Lock Recap: November 13, 2018

Growing pains. That's the only way I can put it after tonight. That's life though, locks don't just throw themselves at you, you have to get down and dirty and look for them. We can and will do better.

Pick Recap:

Nuke: Western Michigan -8
Thew: Georgetown +8
Karch: LSU -10.5
The Captain: Hornets -8.5

Let's start with Karch. A heartbreaking loss for the kid as his LSU tigers won by 9 points. Those are the results that can keep you tossing and turning all night. Not easy to swallow. Karch dips to .500 as he goes to 1-1.

Captain was way off tonight. Granted, no one saw this coming, but the Hornets got skullfucked by Cleveland 113-89. CLEVELAND! FUCKING CLEVELAND! The captain also goes to 1-1.

On a better note, Thew's confidence in Patrick Ewing and the Hoyas paid off. Georgetown got 8, and they ended up winning by 8. Great pick by the Chaldean wonder himself. Very ballsy though, picking Georgetown going into a tough big ten road game. Thew remains undefeated at 1-0-1.

Now to the most disgraceful pick of the night, my pick. For some reason, I felt I should rely on the Western Michigan Broncos. I couldn't have been more wrong. John Paddock and the Cardinals got a huge win on senior night in OT for Ball State. My record drops to 0-2.

A wise man once said, "I will never jump ship. I am drowning with my brothers"

Only man who can explain this sheer disappointment is Ray himself.

- Nuke


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