Working Out the Kinks

I had no idea what would be in store when I hatched the idea to start a gambling twitter account last Monday. All I wanted to do was just share my picks on the internet and maybe people would see them and be like "hey, this LVLE guy might know something." Since creating @LVLockExchange Tuesday, the corporation has doubled in size and now we have this beautiful blog. With all this unforeseen growth, all lot of good picks haven't been shared on the twitter account, and 90% of the picks on twitter have been mine (and most of them were pretty shitty).

So, moving forward, each member of the team will give me one mortal lock a day from any sport they choose. Those 4 locks will then be tweeted out everyday. Then, each person can do whatever they want on their own blog here whether it be more picks or other fun posts. This way everyone gets their top of line picks out on twitter and we can have a tweet everyday. This should improve our record thus far, creating more winner so you guys can absolutely ruin your bookies. Be on the lookout for more content on the blog, things are just getting started!

Captain Locy


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