Daily Lock Recap Nov. 15

We really couldn't have a better way to start off a big weekend than our Thursday Night picks.  As you all know, we have been on an abominable cold streak. Thursday morning, Thew had the idea to offer $5 to anyone who retweets our picks of the night if we didn't have a winning record. 

Pick Recap:
Nuke: Cal -12.5
Locy- Seahawks -3
Karch: Red Wings +1.5
Thew: Tampa Bay Lightning +1.5 

Starting with Captain, I never know how to feel about a push, part of you is happy you didn't lose... but the other part is livid that you were so close to winning. Seahawks 27 Packers 24 

Nuke's game got postponed... so not much to say about that. 

Karch's Red Wings took care of business by only losing by one.  Wings are a strange team this year, in the beginning it seemed like they might not win a game all season. 

Thew's take on the TB Lighting did more than he was looking for by taking down the often hated Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Nuke: 1-2 (until Cal and UDM play)
Locy: 1-2-1
Karch: 2-2
Thew: 2-1-1

Big weekend ahead, let's make some money. 



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