TNF Panthers @ Steelers Recap

I'll be the first one to say it, bad pick tonight. As mentioned on twitter, one of of our senior advisors is being put on a leave of absence. You hate to see when a controversial pick loses when you let democracy take over. We will be putting it behind us and moving on to a big debut weekend of picks. At the end of the day, Big Ben and the Steelers put on a spectacle. Although it was a blowout, the game was fun to watch. Eric Reid made the mistake of hitting ben while he was sliding late in the third and Maurkice Pouncey was ready to take all the Panthers on at once.

Takeaways: Never bet against prime-time Ben, The Panthers have 0 heart, and avoid pissing off Maurkice Pouncey at all costs. 

Big redemption weekend coming up. 


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